Corrugated wiring pipe PP – RKLF
Reference documents: Directive UE 2014/35/UE
PN-EN 61386-1:2011
Characteristic: Corrugated flammable pipe
Application: Installations: flush
gypsum walls
Purpose: Protection of electric installation in
construction industry and industry before:
mechanical factors
Material: PP
Compressive strength: to 320N
Type: Flexible pipe
Scope of temperatures:
(transport, installation, exploitation)
-5oC ÷ 90oC
Colour: Half transparent
External diameter (mm): 14; 16; 18; 20; 23; 25; 28; 32; 36; 40; 43; 50
Length of coils: 25 m; 50 m; 100 m
*possibility of making pipe in other colour on request