Halogen-free corrugated wiring pipe 750N – RKSSHF
Reference documents: PN-EN 61386
Characteristic: Corrugated pipe, not spreading flame, self-extinguishing, fire class reaction: C-s3, d0
Halogen-free (fulfils requirements of norms concerning quantity of toxic chemical
compounds giving off during combustion)
The RKSSHFP pipe is a version with a steel wire
Application: Installations: wall
Recommended usage: places of particular level of fire protection
places with intensified requirements concerning toxic
chemical compounds
Material: PP modified
Compressive strength: 750N
Type: Flexible pipe
Scope of temperatures:
(transport, installation, exploitation)
-5oC ÷ 90oC
Colour*: Colourless
External diameter (mm): 16; 20; 25; 32; 40; 50
Length of coil: 25 m; 50 m
*possibility of making pipe in other colour on request