Pipe for the ground heat pumps systems PE100

A smooth pipe for the ground heat pumps systems made of polyethylene class PE 100 characterised by high strength, durability and tightness of connections. This kind of polyethylene pipes are used to create bottom heat sources. They are used for construction of horizontal and vertical heat pumps collectors as well as a ground glycolic heat exchanger. Connecting pipes is possible with electrofusion welding.

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    Technical Specifications

    SMOOTH PIPES FOR THE GROUND HEAT PUMPS SYSTEMS 100 SDR 17 (PN10); PE 100 SDR 11 (PN16); PE 100 SDR 13,6 (PN12,5)

    Reference documents: PN-EN 12201-2+A1:2013-12
    Customs code: 3917 21 10
    Purpose: construction of ground heat pump systems

    transmission of glycol solution

    Application: in natural soil conditions

    in groundwater collectors in underground heat pump installations

    for glycol transport

    for other purposes

    Material: PE 100
    Nominal pressure: PN16 (SDR 11) ; PN12,5 (SDR13,6); PN10 (SDR 17)
    SN: SN 80 (SDR 11) ; SN40 (SDR 13,6) ; SN20 (SDR 17) ;
    Colour: a)       Black with a colored marker

    b)       Black

    External diameter: 32; 40
    Coil length (rm) :  200
    Notes: a)      the possibility of making a pipe with a different coil length

    b)       it is possible to make a pipe with an individual print

    c)      the possibility of making a pipe in a different diameter

    Available sizes

    External diameter


    Thickness of the wall

    SDR 17(PN10)

    Thickness of the wall

    SDR 13,6(PN12,5)

    Thickness of the wall

    SDR 11(PN 12,5)

    Coil  length (rm)
    32 2,0 2,4 3,0 20
    40 2,4 3,0 3,7 200

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